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Each month, the children are introduced to vocabulary and information centred around a particular topic. Art projects, songs and reading material will share the month's focus. In addition, theme days are planned throughout the year to coincide with seasonal holidays and special events.

Field trips are planned to compliment the month's topic. They enhance the children's learning and provide experience outside of school and home. Family members are encouraged to come to class and share their special traditions or skills with the children.

Some common monthly topics are:

  • All About Me / C'est Moi!
  • The Body / Le Corps
  • The Seasons / Les Saisons
  • Transportation and Space / Le Transport et L'espace
  • Animals / Les Animaux
  • Nutrition and Health / La Nutrition et La Sante

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Regular field trips include:

  • Pumpkin Patch
  • Vancouver Children's Festival
  • Granville Island
  • Vancouver Public Library
  • Maritime Museum
  • Fire Station
  • Maplewood Farm
  • Bus/SkyTrain/SeaBus Adventure

Each year, opportunities arise for special visitors or field trips. Some past events included:

  • Vancouver Art Gallery Tour    
  • 2010 Olympic Mascots Visit    
  • Policeman's Visit    
  • Children's Theatre Performances    
  • Mike's Critters Visit
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