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Our course of learning focuses on the following scholastic and life skills:

  • Social-Emotional Development
  • Language Development
  • Intellectual Development
  • Mathematical Development
  • Arts Development
  • Scientific and Environmental Awareness Development
  • Motor Development

Learn more about each of these objectives below.

Developmental Objectives: What the Child Learns Through Play

Play is a child's work and is vital to a child's learning. It allows children to express themselves and make sense of the world. Play provides a meaningful learning of cognitive concepts and promotes social development. Through play, children learn to initiate and sustain relationships with others, and to build trust and emotional maturity.

Social-Emotional Development

  • Developing independence in choosing activities, seeing to personal needs and meeting new challenges
  • Developing confidence in self and abilities
  • Beginning to control emotions in socially acceptable ways
  • Moving from absorption with self to awareness of others
  • Moving toward cooperative play
  • Extending concentration and attention span

Language Development

  • Mastering speech sounds appropriate to age
  • Learning speech structures: simple sentences, past tense and pronouns
  • Using oral language with confidence for a range of purposes: naming, describing, comparing, explaining, reasoning, predicting, directing, questioning, judging and expressing imagination
  • Developing vocabulary, becoming more elaborate and precise
  • Learning to follow directions
  • Developing thinking skills basic to reading: sequence, details, character
  • Developing concepts of print: left-to-right orientation and sound/letter relationships
  • Developing reading strategies: picture cues, context cues and phonic cues
  • Moving from oral composing to beginning writing: child's own name and a few words, as well as personal composing
  • Learning French through conversation, stories, songs and play activities at a level suitable to child's age and ability

Intellectual and Mathematical Development

  • Identifying base attributes, such as colour, shape and size
  • Classifying according to basic attributesAM-PM-Photos-Spring-2011-175
  • Ordering a series of graduated objects
  • Extending and reordering a graduated sequence
  • Recognizing and creating a repetitive pattern
  • Extending spatial concepts: self in space, objects in space
  • Relating parts to a whole
  • Learning one-to-one correspondence
  • Understanding sets
  • Learning relative measurement and relative time
  • Learning conservation of number and length
  • Moving from concrete to increasingly abstract concepts and representations

Arts Development

  • Developing creativity and imaginative expression in picture-making, two and three-dimensional models and movement and dance
  • Learning how to distinguish pitch, rhythm and tempo, timbre and volume
  • Learning to sing a repertoire of songs and action games
  • Extending individual fantasy into socio-dramatic play

Scientific and Environmental Awareness Development

  • Learning to distinguish self from others
  • Becoming aware of family and social relationships
  • Developing sensory awareness
  • Identifying most body parts
  • Becoming aware of growth change and ecological interdependence
  • Increasing knowledge of properties common to nonliving things, such as sound and water

Motor Development

  • Developing coordination necessary for stability (balance, rhythm, control), locomotion (walking, running, hopping, skipping and climbing) and manipulation (handling small toys, tracing and cutting)
  • Becoming increasingly graceful and rhythmically expressive
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