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AM-PM-Photos-Spring-2011-161At Vancouver Bilingual, we strive to develop a child’s sense of independence, lay a positive foundation for school and stimulate natural curiosity. Our highly interactive program also teaches essential social skills that are useful in later life, such as learning to share, developing friendships, and respecting others. We delight in observing, supporting and participating in your children’s development.

Through conversation, stories, songs and play activities, the children are exposed to the French language at a level suitable to their age and ability. Pre-reading, writing and math skills enhance the child's facility with language and numbers. Our arts and crafts and recreational programs develop fine and gross motor skills.

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With a combined emphasis on play-based and teacher-led learning, all our preschool activities provide solid preparation for English or French-Immersion Kindergarten.

Our preschool is designed for 3- and 4-year olds, and meets 5 days a week.

Class times are:
3 year olds, 9:00am-11:25am
4 year olds, 1:00pm-3:25pm

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